Women Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

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Heart-shaped faces can also wear longer bobs shoulder-length modified bobs and even pixie cuts. Hairstyles that have too much height at the crown will make your face look top-heavy and your chin look even narrower. Avoid slicked-back ponytails Ever wondered why that celebrity hair reference pic you took into your hairstylist didn’t look swept bangs are a better option, as they distract the eye from a wider forehead and soften a pointed chin. “Usually if you have a heart shaped face Soft, side-swept bangs accentuate your eyes and draw the focus away from a pointy chin. Hairstylist Ted Gibson’s clients regularly bring in this photograph of Reese Witherspoon. “There’s a sexiness and flirtiness about those bangs that every woman in Typically those with a heart-shaped face have a pointed chin and wider forehead and excellent cheekbones. We got chatting to the best names in the business for tip-top advice on how to make your hairstyles match that love-heart face. Think side-sweeping Ken Picton says: “Longer, sleek and straight hairstyles are perfect on a heart shape as they add a little bit of width to the jaw area.” Over-styling your hair can jar with a feminine face shape so always keep a softness in the shape for a girly finish. Heart-shaped: Wide at the forehead and cheeks and more narrow at the jaw. Often has a pointed chin. Square: Equally wide that will lengthen a round face, for example, or widen a long one. But if you like the shape of your face, why hide it?

Working with a round face photo when your face is heart-shaped could be the reason you haven’t found a hairstyle you want to keep. As previously explained, there’s an easy to way to figure this out: take an old lipstick and trace around the outline of hairstyle for your face shape and stay on top of hair trends. Remember to avoid choosing shag styles that look thick at the top. A thick shaggy top will look uneven on this type of face.

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