Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

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Favorite childhood hairdo: “High bun.” Read the whole story: Short Curly Hairstyles FOLLOW HUFFPOST BLACK VOICES ON “People have thanked me for what I’m doing for natural hair and black women, but I genuinely had no idea. It’s a super awesome feeling though.” So far Nunez has captured the bountiful beauty of 10 subjects and is on the lookout for more curly They make it easy to change styles, and women of all ethnicities are wearing them: Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and Raquel Welch have wig collections, too. “You can go from a short cropped look with bangs to long, blond hair in the same day We love that the star is taking things, dare we say it, black to basics! RiRi’s new ‘do is short and sassy. And doesn’t the saying go, less is more anyways? Now don’t get us wrong, extensions are amazing, but sometimes rocking your own hair is where it’s at! glamorous hair and lots of it.’ It’s a look that cuts across social classes and is as likely to be spotted on TOWIE stars as it is on royalty, albeit with a few crucial differences. From the Duchess of Cambridge and Kim Sears’ blow-dried locks The “Stay” singer is flaunting short, curly black hair — a far cry from the long, gray locks she was showing off just two weeks ago. RiRi first debuted her new natural look on Instagram with a rather morose looking close-up shot….

to “explore the tactile fascination with black hair by” touching real-life black hair on real-life black women. Turns out that event was part of a short documentary series that also included a panel discussion with writer Michaela Angela Davis Looking for black women and slicks her hair down before securing it with a flower and letting the curls ends tumble over her shoulders. Halle Berry looks gorgeous no matter how long her hair, and right now she’s kicking major ass with a seriously to find the perfect short bobs for black women hairstyle? Well, celebrities are always a great place to start when considering a new hairstyle for any occasion. Whether you have a short and sassy cut or long curly locks, we have something for you. This natural aesthetic should on its face be unproblematic, but because whiteness has an ongoing interest in policing our bodies, many have found the decision not to relax their hair….

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