Shoe Storage Design Ideas

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1. An old cigar box or another recycled box (like a shoe box) 2. A map. I didn’t have one on hand, so I printed one that I found through a quick Google search. It would be more eco-friendly to use a vintage map, though. 1. Clean your cigar box She doesn’t have a mud room or coat closet, so she needs to get creative with storage. I found this Corner Bench & Shelf (at right) and several other options around the web, and maybe you have some organization ideas for they can be DIY’d if you Even in luxury homes with walk in closets, shoe storage can take up precious vertical and horizontal real estate. Sometimes, awkward angles leave designers perplexed. Utilizing every linear and square inch in a closet design is key. For visual people that Shoe storage is something that millions of Americans — especially us ladies — struggle with every day. You know that pile of shoes at the bottom of the closet? Yeah, it’s not pretty. The problem is that we’re just not getting clever enough If there’s one problem with having a shoe fetish, it’s that you need a place to keep all of them! They’re too pretty to end up in a heap on the floor of your closet or tossed under the bed, but that’s what ends up happening! So I went on a hunt to Probably not in something like this Rakuu Designs Shoe Wheel, $65. This is a more realistic storage approach for gals whose shoe count doesn’t rival Imelda’s…..

Over-the-door t have to hang over a door. Most versions come with grommet-reinforced holes that can hang on nails or hooks. Pocketed organizers can hang on the walls of messy closets, the walls of kitchen pantries and on metal cabinets and Let’s face it; we all need a place to stash our shoes. There’s no sense tripping over them in the living room or bedroom. Just find a perfect spot to add a little shoe storage. From pull-out cabinets to shelves and shoe wheels, you’ve got a ton posted an out of the box shoe storage idea a few days ago Rather than buying a new rack Megan and Scott decided to design something that fit their small space needs. All you need to get started are boards from your local Home Depot and Called Unifold, Han used the principles of origami can cut out a pattern and fold it up into a wearable pair of shoes. This eliminates the need for the expensive machinery…..

Picture Gallery of Shoe Storage Design Ideas