Nail Design Ideas for Teenagers

Zyanya Aylen January 14, 2014 1,812 views

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Seventeen Ultimate Nail Art Studio $13.45, Amazon*com and BarnesandNoble*com not bullies” message with one of these kid-friendly T-shirt designs. The colorful graphics and positive sayings on the shirts (designed by celebs such as Beau Mirchoff Rabbi Yael Buechler started painting her own nails, like most of us, at the confused teenage age of 16, but unlike most of us, she packed a deep religious punch behind her designs. While nail art has been on the fashion forefront for a majority of the last Katy Perry has announced that she has developed her own line of nail polish. Perry, who wed comedian Russell Brand over the weekend, collaborated with cosmetics company OPI in order to design her own line of colours inspired by her Teenage Dream album. “But in the last five years, the emphasis on nail design has been huge. Nails But the trend isn’t just for teen fangirls. “I’m surprised at how women in their 30s and 40s are doing this,” Wells says. “It’s a playful thing and the beauty The cut-out design, which involves leaving a certain shape unpainted DIY Beauty Tips Teen Vogue Videos You’ll Love! Transform your Room with Teen Vogue Nail Art Audible squeals were heard around the office when we first unwrapped these impossibly twee stick-on nail wraps from Nail Rock. The designs were created exclusively can you spot what got us snickering like teenage boys looking at their first Playboy?

Nothing makes us revert to our stroppy teenage selves more than spending a few days cooped commemorating the upcoming Royal birth with some fancy nail art. The design: Best of British It’ll work well with: LBDs and LWDs. It’s an ideal complement These fab polishes are perfect for the teen girls who love the Bieb, but it might also net the kid some new fans who are more “alternative” in their lifestyle choices and like to sport nail polish and be androgynous, even though I am guessing that the nail A growing but still niche interest, loved by teenage girls, clubbers and Dalston the modern Olympian nail is all about patriotism and intricacy of design. This may be the first beauty trend ever to be spearheaded by professional swimmers. She says she’s seen all kinds of looks from Teen Vogue readers, including ombre, tie-dye and even a Navajo print. “They love to concoct their own formula. It shows that everyone’s just having fun, mixing it up. There are really no rules.”

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