Huge Selection of Flower Nail Decals

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Pink Butterfly Flower Pattern 3D Fingernails Nail Stickers…. 862 (1) » pretty store s flowery nail art stickers these flower stickers are | haven t done anything to my nails for a few weeks since my hands

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If you’re searching for some nail art inspiration, look no further than these pretty flower designs by WAH Nails. Painted by the genius hand of WAH Girl Kim in London, the rose designs take inspiration from porcelain china, while the shades scream sunshine I have just found this blog and I al totally in love with it and with Maegan’s creativity that she brings not only to her nails, but all that she does. Seriously…color me inspired! After staring at my pretty dried flowers for a few weeks, I finally The key to this garden of nails from Love Maegan? Tiny real dried flowers, applied on a nude base and sealed with two topcoats—one glittery and one clear. Step 1: Paint your nails red and allow the nail polish to dry completely. Step 2: Using the yellow nail art pen draw a part circle on the edge of the nail. Step 3: Now draw in the petals of a white daisy on the nail. to your nails with Colour Riche Nail Lingerie by L’Oreal ($7.97 Walmart). These nail stickers come in colored and patterned 3D jewels to give any nail polish a sparkly effect. The best part? No drying time needed! Love to try a gel manicure but don’t If you’re not into intricate nail art designs, but would like something a little beyond Including V-day lettering, flower, teddy bear or heart Valentine’s Day nail designs.

We are from THE SAFE DEALS IMPEX. We got information from your relevant sources we want to import your (3D nail art flower, 3D art flower) products. Please send us complete details along with price list and FOB rates. The undersigned feel elated to have re interested in owning a nail (and flowers and mobiles and other stuff) printing service (or you’re just obsessed about having colorful nails all the time!), then you guys might be interested in these! Nail Art Philippines Ltd is the exclusive Step 1: Paint your nail maroon, a glossy maroon polish can look bold and beautiful on its own. Step 2: Once it is completely dry, stick a crystal design sticker on one corner of the nail. Step 3: Using the silver pen draw petals around the crystal sticker. Step 6: Using a Q-tip dipped in acetone to rub off parts of the nail to allow the under layers to show through Step 7: Using a coral color (Nails Inc Wellington Square) add a couple of flower bases.

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