Homemade Bridal Shower Decorations

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bridal shower — including homemade decorations, strawberry …. Wedding Wednesday: Pink & Gray Bridal Shower | events to CELEBRATE! » homemade bridal shower decorations » | These are the purses that I made for the little girls. They’re

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We instantly knew her bridal shower had to be sweet and stylish. The decor and shower vibe was girly and whimsy Jojo and I are DIY-addicts so pretty much everything at the shower was homemade. Being a professional graphics designer, I designed a we decided to throw her a low key destination bridal shower bonanza in Hermosa Beach, Ca. She’s a crafter, cook, and cocktail lover, so we designed the weekend around her favorite things and the theme of a new, homemade life with her love. Here’s a peek Guests who can’t afford to buy a gift can bring something homemade such as a hand-knitted blanket or homemade jam. When someone receives a bridal shower invitation Here are some common themes and gift ideas for those specific themes: Kitchen theme Consider giving a homemade apron as a bridal shower or wedding gift Sew on beads to trim the edges of the apron or to make designs. Other gift ideas: Complement your homemade apron gift with a matching set of kitchen towels, coasters, or oven mitts Stress Away Bridal has a few tips to chase the stress away during bridal shower planning. I do tend to go overboard keep a supply of natural dressing and dip mixes on hand for fresh, homemade appetizers and snacks. Add a dip or dressing mix, such Wedding shower but evenings are nice if you’d like to plan a dinner shower. The budget is also a major decision. Showers are traditionally the duty of attendants but mothers of the bride and groom may pitch in if needed…

When Michelle entered the barn for her bridal shower, she was overwhelmed with emotion. Surrounded by all the women she loved in her life and an interior filled with homemade decorations, the moment was priceless. Tears streamed down her face as she walked Christina wore hers to the wedding with those shoes. The shoes were the centerpiece, of course. They stood on a silver cake stand lined with blue jelly beans. Here’s a guide to re-creating the shower at home: Homemade paper cones hold Parmesan Because I really wanted to be able to control the decor choices at the party, I opted to throw the shower at my the crazy-looking ’80s wedding dress. When it came to foods, we were inspired by classic tea-party fare…..

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