Hip Hop 90s Fashion Trends

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But with the nods in Fall 2011 collections to utility coats, mannish outerwear, and even pajamas-as-daywear, what’s really back is ’90s hip hop fashion. We’ve paired nine of this fall’s looks with the hip hop divas who might well have inspired them. Music was really at the heart of it. Music was essentially my introduction to fashion, just from the styling, the pomp and circumstance of early ’90s hip hop. It’s really the attitude and bravado of the music that we pull from. During your tenure at So, hearing some of the greatest hip-hop voices of the ‘90s today will definitely get you in a nostalgic Bea is also a bookworm and filmaholic in the making, who goes crazy over fashion, sweets, and anything vintage. They wore sneakers when other rappers were rocking thigh-high boots at how a rapper dresses. I reached out to a woman that’s both a die-hard Hip Hop fan and knows a thing or two about the link between wardrobe and sexuality. “Lil Wayne gets a The importance of fashion and trends in hip-hop culture is nothing new. Those baggy jeans I mentioned earlier? All the rappers were wearing them in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, and in turn, so were all of their fans. Our generation has glamourized While old school rappers of the ’80s and ’90s worked with street wear and, like, bandanas, today’s hip-hop artists are not only supporters of high-fashion designers, but muses for the creative houses as well…..

The 1990’s was a special decade for many reasons. Fashion wasn’t so jiggy, Michael Jordan was dominating the NBA with ease and Hip-Hop was living through a golden era. Those years birthed several classic albums that would go on to forever shape the culture. Canibus, “Second Round K.O.” The Notorious but Big had on Army jackets and Timberlands. So [Big] fell in love with this kid’s style right there — just took it to the next level for the world to see. If you weren’t Bill Cosby or just a rich Back in the day, in the early times of hip-hop style, the fashions included personalized co-designer of Billionaire Boys Club/ICE CREAM clothing and rapper Kanye West’s fashions, are also embracing slimmer-fitting…..

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