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Heather has a couple of delicious tattoos on her chest — a bunch of french fries (with faces!) in a cowboy boot, and a pocket filled with hot dogs. “I was a lot younger and feeling a little extra creative,” explains Heather. But now she’s getting married without stepping into a tattoo parlor, and enjoy shocking friends, family and co-workers into thinking that you indeed have had a hibiscus flower, Grizzly Bear and parrot tattooed in odd places upon your torso. Now more than just a cliché, tacky tramp I have a tattoo—have I told you dolls that before? My best friend and I got matching hibiscus flower tattoos when were 19. It’s on the right side of my lower back. If I didn’t have it already, I don’t think I’d head to the tattoo shop with the It’s a tantalizing vision of Tacoma – a gray downtown and port area, brightened by an enormous yellow hibiscus he liked flowers as delicate, Zen-like watercolors, flowers as oddly dumpy still-lifes, flowers as illustrations, as tattoos. and her tattoo depicted two busty roller girls grappling on skates. She was followed by Jason Majors, who took a really long time to prepare a very intricate shot that was garnished with orange peel and hibiscus flower (he also used a hibiscus liqueur). “It’s like an arrow pointing to your butt,” she says (she’s got a design of hibiscus flowers and fish just above hers). But turning your back into a bit of petit point isn’t cheap……..

When season 3 of Spike TV’s Ink Master premieres next month, local tattoo artist Jackie Stir Lounge in Rittenhouse — in South Philly. I’ll admit, my fingers trembled a little when I dialed her number this week for a phone interview. Nothing says bad-ass mama like Kailyn Lowry‘s full back tattoo in the making a row of subtropical hibiscus flowers frames the image. There’s still a lot left to fill in if she plans to completely cover the area, but it’s shaping But not in vases or in her garden. Her flowers cover her left arm and leg, flowing from one tattoo into another. Her floral tattoos include a hibiscus, a calla lily and a tiger lily. When she posed for a photograph in the garden at the Blue Lake Casino Sarah Barfield got her free tattoo Thursday. “I’m getting a hibiscus flower with my husband’s name.” And she is getting it free because Trademark Body Art is donating free tattoos to customers who bring in at least a $15 new toy……

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