Gel Nail Polish Color Trends

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Looking at the same nail polish color for two weeks is bor-ingggg. And we’ve all felt the frustration: You paid for pink when you wanted red. This manic mani-ADD causes a serious dilemma when we go to get a gel: We want flawless fingertips, but we’re never I’m a polish freak, too, but on myself, I really like gel.” “As with anything Or, as a painter, you just mix the color to get what you want. It’s really the same thing for nail polish. One tip I would give you is when you’re playing with matte The products are designed to help women achieve fantastic nails with speed and ease. The range is also affordable, priced between $9.99 to $29.99. Beauty junkies can buy any of six starter kits, which each contain the patent-pending FUSE LED Lamp CND’s Shellac is a brand of gel nail polish. It was the first to hit nail salons, offering a no-chip, super-shiny nail color lasting up to two weeks. As popularity grew, so did the competition. OPI and Gelish now offer their own colorful rainbows of gel With Couture Gel Nail Polish, nails never chip, flake or smudge, and it’s easy to apply the polish and take it off when it’s time for a color change. Couture Gel Nail Polish debuted with 28 bold and beautiful colors…..

Shellac is a brand name for a gel nails product that applies like regular nail polish, but lasts for weeks. Shellac is just one of the new gel nail products that are applied in several layers, using a UV lamp to harden the gel product between Gel nail polish provides women with a gorgeous and long-lasting manicure in a variety of colors. However, you can also add on exposure to potentially harmful UV sunrays during the curing process.

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