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Most people who promote a cause might usually do some volunteer work or perhaps donate some money. But singer Miley Cyrus has taken one step further in showing her support for gay rights, by getting a new tattoo. The 18-year-old got inked for So, they preceded their wedding with a trip to a tattoo parlor. Instead of buying wedding rings, the Chicago couple had images of atoms tattooed on their ring fingers. “They’re in memory of the ‘Man, Controller of the Universe’ mural in Mexico Imagine losing your wedding ring. Whoever has experienced such situation knows the awful feeling of carelessness, not to mention what your loved one will think of you. You lost your wedding ring? What a tragedy. Fortunately, the ever-creative trendy world The digit art has been spotted adorning the fingers of Beyoncé and Rihanna, and now Lily Allen has decided to introduce the craze on this side of the pond. The 23-year-old Smile singer posted a picture of her new tattoo – the word “shhh They have varied designs to choose from. They are special people, who do it for girls as even they donate some or the entire cost of making a tattoo on girl’s finger. One such tattooist is Lee Clements, who is from Cardiff. Clements has nine designs to If you’ve tried every new nail art trend – from feather effect and concrete to caviar and velvet – it’s time for a cuticle tattoo, the latest lacquer trend to take the beauty world by storm.

The anchor is a repetitive tattoo design. It looks great no matter its placement. And over the years has never lost its popularity. Upon seeing an anchor tattoo there is an instant significance associated with it. Hope, devotion, fidelity, stability Airbrushers are going to have some work on their hands now Cara Delevingne has started getting inked. The model of the moment has gone under the needle for her first tattoo, getting a lion inked on her finger. She reportedly took advice from pal and tat “Anywhere else, and you can cover it up for a job interview.” Because finger tattoos are limited in design, Spengler suggests “putting your partner’s name or a symbol somewhere private. My fiancee and I have our names and lovebirds tattooed.

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