Eye Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

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An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog: Smokey gold, black, brown eye…. Btw, the look I took inspiration from is not the one in 1st pic, it’s » Brown Eyed Celebs| Eye Make Up For Brown Eyes| Brown Eye Make Up | Best Smokey Eye Makeup!

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We often zoom in on her unique hairstyles and her funky nail art (she has a real talent and penchant for!) Make-up Binky Felstead and Alex Mytton from Made Binky Felstead and Alex Mytton from Made In Chelsea, seriously stylish couple 9 December saw Accentuate the eye color by choosing the right eye makeup colors and eye shadow for blue eyes. Makeup for blue eyes uses natural shades of browns and golds. Many blue-eyed women grab for a blue eyeshadow thinking the color will help draw Bring out your gorgeous green eyes with purple shades of makeup. Because purple is on the opposite side of the color wheel from green, it’s a great choice for green-eyed gals. To widen the look of close-set eyes, apply shades of deep plum eyeshadow toward Apply dark brown eye shadow on the top of our smudged pencil-base; 4. Then put golden eye shadows on the lid and blend the transition between colours; 5. Using pencil brush apply copper eye shadow on the crease and line your eyes and waterline; 6. The actress looks absolutely stunning in glam waves and smudgy eye makeup in her brand new ad for the cosmetics brand–do you love the look? Sound off below! Katie Holmes, 33, just added a new title to her impressive resume! The actress and designer is Bobbi Brown makeup artist Justyna came in to create my look for Don’t forget to add base to your eyes! It makes the eye makeup stay exactly where you want it for hours and hours. Next; eyebrows.

Are you a fellow brown-eyed beauty looking for a few tips on how to make those eyes pop? Look no further. Check out these 5 brown eye makeup tips, here: 1. Start with a blank canvas: This holds true for women of any eye color. It’s super important to keep Talking about how much she loves her brown eyes, one woman writes: “Eye makeup for brown eyes is varied and easy. As a matter of fact, the brown-eyed woman is lucky because she can do lots of speaking and expressing with her limpid stare. Most When it comes to creating a look, complimenting your eyes with the perfect eye makeup can sometimes be a long process of trial and error. Let us make it easy for you with this guide to choosing the best shades for your eye color. Blue eyes might be a Nina Dobrev has gorgeous brown eyes and always finds a way to make them stand out(Photo : Reuters/Danny According to makeup artist Emily Kate Warren, “Brown is a mix of all the primary colors, so there are a lot of options.”

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