Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

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Nice Eye Makeup Easy Steps Must Try nice eye makeup for blue eyes …. Blue Eye Makeup Tutorial for You blue eye makeup colors – FashionsUP » In this eye makeup tutorial, Make-Up Designory’s Reiva Cruze reveals | Makeup By Alli: Summer “Ombre” Eye Makeup: Vibrant Blue & Purple

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I always think those ol’ blue-eyed, green-eyed to and brown-eyed girls have it easy. There are heaps of shadows and mascaras out there designed ‘specially for them. But what about The Inbetweeners, huh? Those who have a combo of two or even all three of Blue eye look is one of the best beauty trends of 2012. Blue eyeliner or eyeshadow makes your eyes stand out, dazzling without going overboard. It is right to say that nothing makes your makeup look pop like a splash of blue on eyelids or under eyebrows. This is because black’s direct complement is white, and once the source of your color is taken away, your eye craves its opposite (or complement). Now onto the makeup. Since this article is based on emphasizing people with blue colored eyes we’ll use These makeup tips for blue eyes are easy to follow and easy to remember, and they work for your gorgeous blues. Keep them in mind when you are enhancing your natural look, whether you are getting ready for work or for a night out. Warm eye shadow colors Between the beaming smile and glittery smoky eyes, Olivia Wilde was all sparkles last but we had to break our own rules when we saw this stunning eye makeup. The shimmering midnight blue gives the makeup a bad girl appeal without smudging it too 1 “Go for vibrant blues rather than matt pastel, which can look quite dated,” advises Sheila Shaikh, Lancôme’s flagship make-up artist “For blue/grey eyes, try a blue that’s deep and intense, rather than a shade the same as the eye colour.

Step 3: Then take bright blue and apply it in a “v” from the middle of your eyelid to the outer corner. Blend very, very well. You want it to look like a gradual change of color, not distinct lines. Step 4: Line your eyes with charcoal or dark gray For the perfect aqua eyes, there are a few rules and a lots of options. First of all, eye makeup ideas that need the colour aqua can work with a range of blue to green. Anything that evokes the feeling of water can be used as a aqua eyeshadow shade. Highlight the beauty of blue eyes by matching the right hues of makeup to your pretty peepers. With some knowledge about the color wheel and a few shades of eye shadow and a touch of mascara, you can create makeup looks to showcase the sparkle Gorgeous celebrities like Zooey Deschanel, Nicole Kidman, Megan Fox and Rooney Mara all have one thing in common: their bright blue eyes. And choosing the right make-up for their eyes involves becoming in terms of both eye-liners as well as mascaras.

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