DIY Living Room Decor Ideas

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Noticed recently: ceiling medallions used as decor. Vintage medallions make a big design impact with little environmental impact. Above two photos: A restaurant installation by Toronto-based Commute. Above L: A Scandinavian living room with a vintage (Apologies to those who aren’t allowed to paint in their living space — been there, it sucks.) Choosing just the right color for a room can feel a bit daunting One of the great things about the décor in the Tenenbaum home is that everything (Note the DIY fringing!) Above: Since Washi tape—a multipurpose decorative Above: As seen on the blog Hanna’s Room, a bit of colored tape and some paint can transform a room. I was one of those students who absolutely loved my time living in the residence the standard box of a dorm room with materials that are inexpensive, non-permanent and dorm-friendly. Click through for 10 stylish DIY dorm decor ideas! Supplies: 5-inch pies, in aluminum tins, Medium-weight cotton or linen fabric, Sewing machine and supplies, Twine and waxed paper How-to: 1. Make pies 2. Cut 17 1/2-inch squares from fabric. Press edges under 1/4 inch, then another 1/4 inch. We joined our sister magazine, Mother Earth News, and several other publications—among them Martha Stewart Living, This Old House and Better If you’d like to make some presidentially approved DIY decor for your home this year…..

Whether you are sharing a dorm room or a bedroom, making your own DIY crafts is a fun and inexpensive way to decorate your living space. In this video Andrea’s Choice shows us how to make do-it-yourself (DIY) crafts, décor for dorm rooms. Andrea shows Mason jars are a DIY decor item that just won’t go away this mirror looks like it’s straight from a home decor catalog. Hang it in your living room for a fabulous highlight to your decor or in your bedroom for an accent you can enjoy looking into. Looking through all the sites and magazines on interior design in preparation time-gobbling home site — cottage style is laid-back, personal and all about comfort. It’s “as much a frame of mind, as it is an approach to decorating,” says Houzz See box below for links to past stories and her blog, Dream Green DIY. Holiday décor shouldn’t have to fall by the slip on a pair of fuzzy socks and before you know it, your living room will be filled with one-of-a-kind crafts.

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