DIY Crafts Christmas Decoration Trends

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Cone bases. You could buy them at craft stores, but its cheaper (and greener) to make them yourself with discarded cardboard or poster board. “I made all of my trees with cereal boxes,” writes Shauna. “They’re being recycled, and they’re free Here are some ideas for some creative DIY ornaments that can make your 2013 Christmas tree your best one yet. Again, any large, clear plastic ornament will be your best friend with this DIY craft. And then after that, you can print out any picture you Make your own custom DIY Christmas tree skirt from recycled items such as tablecloths or blankets. Pick non-fraying fabrics for quick no-sew alternatives. A Christmas tree skirt sits around the base of a Christmas tree, covering the stand and I will admit that I’m not crafty but I try. This year we have a lot of people on our list that we need to buy something small for. My son has 2 EA’s and also a lot of people in the school that are important to his success. So, while looking for Some decoration ideas she brainstormed herself, others she collected from craft books and craft shows Everything from reclaimed wood to mason jars to coffee cans to old clay pots has found a new home in her cozy country house. If you enjoy craft projects and prefer a more inviting them over for a DIY decorations holiday party. Digital Journal compiled a top 10 list of fun, easy and inexpensive Christmas decorations you can do yourself.

How cute is this little nativity scene made out of craft sticks and wooden doll pins? It’s really easy to put together and makes a great holiday decoration or gift. Pinecone snowman: Your kids will love making this super-cool pinecone snowman either to While we all look forward to decorating the tree come Christmas, our ornaments could probably use some updating. Instead of dusting off the same ones year after year, pull out the craft bin and make them yourself this season. From pinecones and sheet music Moran loves art; so DIY crafts are a festive tradition in her home for their children’s winter workshops. “Every year, our Christmas workshops inspire students to make their own ornaments and decorations or gifts. Anyone can join and get ideas You can create the decor you want, usually for much cheaper than buying those random Christmas-themed napkin We hesitate to even call this a DIY. Spray-Painted Wreath Take an old wreath….

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