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Spring is a time for opening up the windows and letting the light shine. It’s also a great time to add color and new decor to your home. Use DIY spring crafts to make decorations more personal and a lot cheaper than the store-bought stuff. Turn any glass Adeina Anderson has some great ideas. She has some great easy craft projects – and you probably have the items in your home. LOS ANGELES (AP) — Blake Shelton won’t get his fourth win on “The Voice” — at least not this season. WASHINGTON (AP There’s no art more organic than canvas decor made from fruits and vegetables, so don’t stop at celery! You can also create these DIY canvas crafts with halved apples, bell pepper slices, potatoes and more. Cut your celery stalk three inches from the root. Since we moved a couple of months ago, one of my primary focuses has been working on kids room decor ideas for the kiddos. There has been a whole lot of DIY action going on as I work to outfit their room without breaking the bank and I think it’s fair to You can create the decor you want, usually for much cheaper than buying those random Christmas-themed napkin We hesitate to even call this a DIY. Spray-Painted Wreath Take an old wreath (or find one at a craft or thrift shop), then spray • Cone bases. You could buy them at craft stores, but its cheaper (and greener) to make them yourself with discarded cardboard or poster board. “I made all of my trees with cereal boxes,” writes Shauna.

Welcome the holidays by decorating your home both inside and out with these easy DIY Christmas decorations. Have fun with cheesy tacky décor or turn it into a family affair with DIY holiday festivities you can hang on the walls, windows and even your Whether you are sharing a dorm room or a bedroom, making your own DIY crafts is a fun and inexpensive way to decorate your living space. In this video Andrea’s Choice shows us how to make do-it-yourself (DIY) crafts, décor for dorm rooms. Andrea shows so whether the only craft supplies you’ve ever worked with are scissors and glue or you give your sewing machine regular workouts, you can make at least some if not all of these spooky, DIY Halloween decorations.

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