Coral Nail Polish Trends

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Korres nail colour with myrrh extract, oligoelements and provitamin b5 for strong, healthy nails. Before applying the color of your choice, use the Base Coat. Once dried, continue with two coats of Nail Colour. For a long-lasting, shiny finish complete the To complete the look, she matched the hue to her hands! To get the look, try Essie Nail Polish in California Color. The coral shade is a great match to Jessica’s and will keep your hands happy all winter long! Those that want to follow the coral trend without wearing anything too orangey or bright will love this new Champney’s polish. Free from any chemical nasties it is not only good for your nails but also the perfect small suitcase size for any holidays you Beauty and lifestyle writer, ’80s pop culture enthusiast and self-proclaimed best person alive. I confess I haven’t been paying much attention to Coral nail polish this summer, but the shade Shakira wore to a World Cup briefing over the weekend just made Her nail polish made a statement too! To dazzle your digits just like Jessica’s, apply a light coral polish like Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Orange Fizz to your nails. This color is totally girly and perfect for summer! Proof it does work with your mood: It changed back to the vibrant coral shade around 5 p.m. — about the time I turned in a major story, and breathed a sigh of calm. Check out how bright nail polish can put you in an awesome mood.

but I chose what I thought was a nice coral. Once I smeared it on my nails, that shit turned out to be straight-up orange. Motherf*cking orange. It even smelled like oranges (or at least Orange Pledge)! If there’s one true sign that your nail polish is and Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish in Coral (above). Vivid jewel tones look most striking on medium skin. Dolce & Gabbana The Nail Lacquer in Passione is an awesome magenta, and OPI Nail Lacquer in Just a Little Rösti At This is a great ruby shade.

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