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Using everything but blue, plan your design and paint your base coats accordingly. Add some blue stripes to the horizontal and diagonal striped nails. Put a splotch of blue on the yellow part of the thumbnail (which will be a flower). With the dotting tool We loved the crazy blue texture over black from Christopher Kane’s fall 2013 show and recreated it on our nails. Working with one nail at a time, paint a coat of black on the top half of your nail and a blue coat. (You can be messy with this.) While they The flag is a simple nail art design that can be done using a striper of the nail that is painted blue to represent stars on the flag. Firework nail art- to create cute firework nail art, start with a base coat of red, white or blue nail polish. As with the star and snow flake design use a ‘sky’ colour for your base, either blue or green. Using your sponge dab lightly on the tips of your little, middle and fore finger to create a snow effect, add some white dots from the base of your nail merging SOMETIME AGO I LOST A FOLDER WITH SEVERAL NAIL ART TUTORIALS. I THOUGHT I HAD ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THE FOLDER. I WAS SO HAPPY TO FIND IT THIS WEEK. THIS FRIDAY’S DESIGN WAS ONE OF THE ONES IN THIS FOLDER, & THERE IS ALSO 2 NAIL DESIGNS FOR Still, the Broadway producer Margo Lion was not about to alter her light-blue nail polish part of the Artistic Colour Gloss line by Artistic Nail Design of Beverly Hills) had set off a frenzy in the mediasphere…..

Back to school in Portland is definitely a great starting place for teens to show off their fall fashion. This year, one of the biggest fall fashion trends and, artsy trend too, is nail art drawn onto your nails. Here is one cute, simple nail design that Many teen girls enjoy the chance to paint their fingernails, but don’t want to stop with a simple swipe or two of one color. Nail art can look fancy and complicated, but it’s fairly simple to pull off intricate and attractive designs….

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