Beaded Glitter Nail Ideas

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Stick to one big beauty trend at a time, advises Lippmann. If your nails are heavily decorated, choose a simpler hair style or lighter makeup. And if glitter, magnetic manis, and beads aren’t really your thing, try experimenting with different colored Diamantes, beads, sequins, glitter, tattoos, stones have all become a part of nail art, says Shahnaz Husain. Looking beautiful on the wedding day entails weeks of care, well in advance. While regular manicures and pedicures help to keep the hands and feet Are you digging 3D nail art? If not, get on board, says Rama Sreekant as she explores the trend in this online exclusive. Started in Japan as part of their nail art style, 3D nail art has gained ground around the world. Whacky, inspiring and sometimes While the options for colored glitter are limitless, the most common used for this trend is silver and gold. Caviar: Ca viar nails, or nails dipped in small beads, is a super fun trend made popular by the brand Ciaté. For a DYI alternative, purchase small The biggest trend for fingernails this winter season is nail art The hottest finger fashion trend throughout 2013 is a 3D nail effect and Barry M is not short of amazing effects for you to choose from. ‘The chameleon colour’ effects give you now I really want a caviar manicure and metallic nail art stickers.” Deepika Thakur is already a veteran of new nail treatments. “I have got acrylic flowers as well as glitter done on my nail……

Rhinestones in semiprecious hues meet deep teal polish in this gorgeous manicure created by Love Maegan. The key to perfect gem placement? A pair of angled nail art tweezers. To achieve dimensional, lustrous texture, Love Maegan used tiny pieces of Krylon®, the nation’s leading spray paint manufacturer, has created a new line of paint called Glitter Blast™ Glitter Spray that Complete directions for making Beaded CD Ornaments can be found at the Krylon® website. Here is a description of Bullionaire is the brands own style of bead textured finish made with micro beads The unique combination of various sized glitter really catches the light and makes your nail twinkle. As with the Bullionaire the look is so easy to achieve, simply You can choose between various styles such as French nail art, which is simple and tricky or beaded nails or newspaper print 5 Next step is to grab your glitter polish….

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