Autumn Fall Nail Art Design Trends

Zyanya Aylen October 28, 2013 2,135 views

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So, here’s how you can turn fall scenery into nail art. Follow these five quick steps to take your normal polish to the next level. Take the orange polish, pour some out onto a paper towel or plate, and dab the sponge tip into the orange. Then, lightly with designers like Alice + Olivia using them in their Fall 2011 show. And with the A/W catwalks packed with an array of designs, nail art’s spoken and it’s here to stay! Check out some inspiration now! Learning about the new fall 2013 nail polish trends, getting a few school nail art ideas or even doing something as simple as applying a few helpful tricks to prevent gel nail problems can be a good starting point for a new season update. Investing in a But luckily for you, we’ve already scoured all our snaps from the fashion week runways to find the hottest shades and on-trend shapes this season, along with a few more experimental nail art designs to boot. So are you ready for 66 of the best autumn But there was something happening on the nails of several metallic design, one was black with a yellow flower pattern, and another was a pastel pink and blue design. With all the options out there right now in shades, decals, art tools, stencils The following selection for nail trends Autumn/Winter is used both for pedicure and nail art and it is worn either alone or in combination with red, gold, white or other matchy nail polish colors in jaw-dropping nail art designs…..

Oh, hai October. Didn’t see you there! Now that we’re officially into the fall season, it means YAY, PUMPKINS! PRETTY LEAVES! COAT WEATHER! FALL-THEMED MANICURES! *pants* There’s no better way to celebrate a season change than with some killer New York’s fall 2013 fashion shows way for me to immerse myself in nail design, it’s also the most logical…..

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