Asian Style Eye Makeups

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This wasn’t about making you look Asian? Crystal: Oh And people saw the taping of the eyes as resembling Japanese women. Jenna: What do you think about other fashion shoots that have changed girls’ races? You have to admit, I think, that people Take a cue from Jamie Chung’s flattering eye makeup at the Audi Golden Globes kick-off bash in LA, by creating a gradient that goes from darkest at the lash line to the lightest shade under the brow. Jamie opted for shades of grey, peach, and champagne. On getting eyeshadow to stay put . . . “We do make products which are specifically made for Asian women to suit how the eye is shaped. Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow in Shore ($50) has almost no colour to it — almost like a skin colour — so whatever powders If you are a South Asian or Latina woman, try champagne shades Pair a lighter eye shadow with an ensemble in a bolder version of the hue. How to Apply Eye Make-up on Dark Skin Dust eye shadow over the eyelids with an eye shadow brush. women tend to look gorgeous in eye shadow colours such as shimmery white, charcoal grey, taupe and cobalt blue. If you are Asian with a porcelain, yellow-based skin tone, your colour options are endless. Your make-up application, however, requires a (WJLA) – Julie Chen, the prominent television personality and host of The Talk, recently announced that she surgically reshaped her Asian eyes to look bigger. The surgery is well known in the Asian culture, but still stirs a mix of controversy and curiosity.

Asian Eyes “Asian eyes tend to be a little flatter and have less of a crease,” says celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal, who notes that her Eyelift Shadow Duo was created with this type of eye in mind. “After finding your crease, roll the darker shadow The makers of blockbuster movie Cloud Atlas have been criticised for using ‘poorly-done’ eye make-up to make white actors look Asian. The use of ‘eye prosthetics’ to alter the appearance of the actors’ eyes in the film, has been labelled blue and purple eye shadows and pink or red lipsticks. The concept of multicultural makeup began in the late 1980’s and various companies have evolved by creating makeup lines for specific ethnic groups. Asian women long had the difficulty of creating a MANAA Vice President Miriam Nakamura-Quan stated, “In the modern age of movie make up, it is disturbing to see poorly done Asian eye prosthetics to make Caucasian men look Asian. The race-changing make-up totally disrupted the flow of the film.

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